Company Profile

Promlit LLC (full name Limited Liability Company Cheboksary Industrial Foundry) is one of the up-to-date foundry in Russia

The foundry was established in 1977 as part of Cheboksary plant of industrial tractors, specialized in mass production of large size castings out of carbon and low-carbon steel of 2600х1600 mm and of 2000 kg. At present moment the main production is large and medium size castings for railway industry.

Production capacity:

  • 80 000 tons of steel casting on automatic moulding lines, Herman (USA) with flask sizes 1300х1400х500/500 mm and 2500х1600х600/600 mm;
  • 55 000 tons of steel casting on vacuum line VDK-10 of Heinrich Wagner Sinto (Germany) with flask sizes 3000х1800х500/500mm; ;
  • 5 000 tons of high quality steel castings using electroslag casting method and centrifugal pouring in metallic moulds;
  • 1 000 tons of metallic powder castings per year.

The most important equipment was bought from the leading companies of USA, Germany and Italy: moulding lines, core equipment, pouring system, finishing equipment.

There are arc furnaces of 25 t capacity at the plant. Heat control is conducted using express method of X-ray spectrometry. Cores are made on Laempe (Germany) and Shalco (USA) equipment. Equipment of all types of heatreatment is available. All the casting may be subjected to magnetic powder and ultrasound inspection, as well as to fatigue test. While producing sample batches, all the batches are controlled by measurement machine.

There is constant work on product quality efficiency and increasing the volumes of production. There is also quality management system that is certified according the requirements of international standard ISO 9001.

Strategic partner of Promlit LLC is Russian Railways. All the products intended to Russian Railways before the mass production passes certification in appropriate organizations. There is a constant control of the products made by representatives of Russian Railways Technical Audit Center.